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Children suffering abuse in general develop a range of maladaptive, anti-social and self-destructive behaviors and thoughts by trying to cope with the abuse - by trying to understand the situation and why the abuse is happening.

Here are some of the effects of child abuse and neglect on children that are subjected to such cruelty.

Academic difficulties
Aggressive behavior
Alcohol and/or other drug abuse
Attention problems
Bad dreams
Behavior problems
Chronic pain
Compulsive sexual behaviors
Concentration problems
Dangerous behavior such as speeding
Dissociative states

Eating disorders
Failure to thrive
Fear or shyness
Fear of certain adults or places
Frequent injuries
Learning problems
Panic attacks
Physical symptoms such as headaches and stomach aches
Repeated self-injury
Risky sexual behaviors
Running away
Self neglect
Separation anxiety
Sexual dysfunction
Sleep disorders
Social withdrawal
Stealing; Stuttering
Substance abuse
Suicide attempts
Thumb-sucking or any age-inappropriate behavior

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