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There are a number of systems available that can offer assistance and support to the victims of child abuse.

Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offenses & Child Abuse (C.I.S.O.C.A)
3 Ruthven Road
Kingston 10
Tel: 927–7318

Child Development Agency
Oceana Building
2 King Street
Tel: 922–8857

Child Guidance Clinic
Bustamante Hospital for Children
Arthur Wint Drive
Kingston 5
Tel: 926–5721

Children’s Services Division
Ministry of Health
9th Floor
2 King Street
Tel: 948–2841–2


Jamaica Coalition on the Rights of the Child
Hope Gardens
Kingston 6

Mico Care Centre
5 Manhatten Road
Kingston 5
Tel: 929–7720

United Nations International Children’s Educational Fund (UNICEF)
60 Knutsford Blvd.
Kingston 5
Tel: 906–8588

Voluntary Organization for the Upliftment of Children
1 National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4
Tel: 927–5707


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